The Extra Mile has always had a strong volunteer component. We were originally created to recruit volunteers to serve our state clients, and although the agency has changed and grown tremendously through the years, we have retained this core value; we continue to recruit, train and place volunteers all over Acadiana. With the help of our volunteers, we provide goods and services that the state agencies are unable to provide. We are always in need of community help and support to make our organization run efficiently and effectively. 

Through a variety of fund development activities and through the donation of goods and services, we help meet the needs of clients referred by State Agency partners, including the Acadiana Area Human Services District, the Department of Children and Family Services, the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities and Addictive Disorders and other community partners.

Donated items provide Easter and Christmas gifts to foster and adoptive children and other children served by the State, assist clients in recovery who are re-establishing their own home by providing furniture and household items, help support social and recreational events for persons with mental illness, make toys and games available to children visiting with non-custodial parents and provide clothing and hygiene items to the most needy in our community and persons experiencing emergency or crisis situations.

We recruit, screen, orient, train, place, evaluate and recognize volunteers who service our client populations.