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Kinship Navigator

Kinship Navigator

Kinship Navigator at The Extra Mile Family Resource Center empowers those who are providing full-time care to children that are not biologically their own. Kinship caregivers may be relatives or non-relatives who have an emotionally significant relationship with the child. These individuals are caring for children while their parents are unable to do so.

Kinship caregivers often step in to provide necessary care and safety to children, preventing the need for foster care intervention services. Kinship caregivers may also serve as temporary foster parents for children when removal from their parents cannot be prevented. Whether their custodial arrangement is formal or informal, kinship caregivers face unique challenges and needs that are different from any they have previously experienced.


Advantages of Kinship Navigator

Education & Skills Building

Family Educators work with caregivers and children to address common concerns such as:

    • Bonding and Attachment
    • The Power of Adult-Child Relationships
    • Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & Resiliency
    • Shifting Family Dynamics
    • Emotional Regulation
    • Stress Management
    • Boundaries & Relationships

Support Services
Our Kinship Specialist is available to assist caregivers in various ways, including offering emotional support, connecting caregivers to services for the children in their care, understanding the role of caregivers, working with birth parents, and working within the Child Welfare system. Our Kinship Specialist can also assist with navigating formal or informal custody arrangements.

Support can be provided one-on-one or in a group setting. The Extra Mile’s Kinship Support Group meets regularly to foster connections and provide education around topics unique to kinship care.

Clinical Services

A licensed clinician will provide therapeutic services for kinship caregivers and the children they care for around issues they may deal with, such as: trauma and loss; issues, boundaries, and healthy communication with biological parents; behavior management; integrating with families; or any other challenges that may come up.

Financial Assistance
The Extra Mile Family Resource Center has funding available to temporarily assist our families currently receiving core services as they adjust to their new roles and responsibilities.