The Extra Mile

A non-profit organization

The Extra Mile - Home Builders

Clinical Supervisor LCSW-Carla JeanBatiste LPC
Program Director – Evangeline Boudreaux
Home Builders Practitioners- Carla JeanBatiste LPC
Home Builders Practitioners – Willard LaBrie
Home Builders Practitioners – Brandy Walker
Home Builders Practitioners – Jody Harris
Home Builders Practitioners – Claudia Furgus

This research based family preservation program provides services through Child and Family Services, Office of Behavioral Health, The Office of Juvenile Justice and/or self referral when a child is at risk of going into foster care, or is being reunified after being in foster care, or a residential facility. Because we know that children who have multiple foster care placements experience compounded trauma, the services are also provided to families to prevent a placement disruption from a foster home. Home builders Practitioners spend approximately 10 hours/week with the family for 4 weeks.